We enable our clients to grow richer and more capable than ever before.

Our 6D Process


We work in close harmony with your stakeholders to imagine new ways of working designed to increase profit and make your company more money.


We define your user adoption programme and identify key focus areas to take advantage of new technology.


Working with your people to design a user adoption programme tailored specifically for your company.


Developing a programme of works prioritised and driven by business benefits.


We break the implementation into bite-sized chunks that can be delivered early thus realising business benefits earlier than would normally be possible.

We use SCRUM to do this. Our people mentor your people to make this possible.


Delivering results is what we are all about. We benchmark the business benefits. We measure before and after so that you can clearly see the money you are making.

How can we help?

  • Analysis

    We talk to your stakeholders and work closely with you to re-imagine work using Office 365 tools and technologies.


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    Technology Demonstrations

  • greentick

    Facilitated Workshops

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    Business Analysis

  • Planning

    We work with your people to develop a plan for implementing Office 365 with the clear focus on increasing user adoption. 

    Every business is unique and we can quickly develop products to match your specific needs.


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    Planning Workshops

  • greentick

    User Adoption Plan

  • greentick

    Project Plan

  • Marketing

    We work as part of your team to understand the target audience. Building the message and promoting your project and getting the wider messages across your business.

    We setup events and craft newsletters and social media to enliven your project.


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    Launch parties

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    Newsletters & email campaigns

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    Social media campaigns

  • Doing It

    We have a wide variety of different techniques, tools and strategies to increase user adoption exponentially.


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    Solution Competitions

    Where we invite several teams to compete and build a solution to a business issue using O365 tools.

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    Use software tools

    Where we setup VisualSP to provide just-in-time help when and where it's needed 24/7/365.

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    Using Walk-throughs

    Where we work with you to build VisualSP walk-throughs to guide your users through complex tasks.

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    Using SCRUM to deliver useful functionality, quickly

    Where we mentor you and guide you through using SCRUM to deliver more quickly.

  • Reviewing Success

    User adoption activities never end. They are ongoing but we need review points to see what we are doing well and what went not so well.

    Then we adjust and spring forward again.


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    Monthly progress review.

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    Project implementation review.

  • greentick

    Increment implementation review.

  • Help & Support

    We tailor support to your needs and use software tools to help your people learn.


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    Your own dedicated user adoption specialist.

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    A User Adoption Plan tailored to your unique needs

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    A fixed cost for the programme

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    Presentation of the User Adoption Plan to key stakeholders

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    Office 365 webinars delivered remotely

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    VisualSP Office 365 Help solution

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    Optional Extra

    Customised walk-through automations to guide your people through complex tasks.

Client Testimonials

Gerry Geddes

Managing Director at HLB Ltd

"Peter is worth his weight in Gold!"

Chris Reynolds

Head of Innovation & Product Development at NHS Arden & GEM.

“Peter worked with Arden & GEM to deliver a customer Office 365 workplace project on a tight timescale. Peter has a wealth and depth of experience he brought to the project and effectively suggest improvements and challenge proposed methods of working. This meant we were able to find a best fit for the customer and leverage the combined understanding and experience. He made a real impact to the team and his contributions have allowed us to change both our team structure and delivery model. We wish Peter all the best in the future.”

Our People

Why Choose us?

  • High Performance People

    We are high performance people with many years experience of working with clients to deliver solutions the business wants and needs.

  • Vast Experience...

    We have people who have been focusing on user adoption for over 20 years. We are also a Microsoft Partner specialising in the Power Platform.

  • We are really nice people!

    We like to think we are nice people with strong ethics and displaying great empathy. Empathy helps us to understand your wants and needs and aids our understanding of your business.


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Would You Like to Start a Project with Us?

If you are thinking about user adoption of Office 365.

If you  are seeking resources to take advantage of the Microsoft Power Platform using Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and AI Builder then give us a call.

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